Gras Morgentau

Dog’s paradise at the Landhaus Sonnrain

Have you ever wondered what your fluffy friend thinks when it comes to the perfect holiday?

Imagine you enter the Sonnrain country house and your dog jumps for joy as if he has just won a bag of treats. “At last!” he thinks to himself, “holiday accommodation that does justice to MY dignity!” In the spacious holiday flats, your four-legged friend has so much space to run around that he almost forgets he’s a dog. “Gosh, that’s better than a giant bone!” he thinks as he dashes around the flat. The spacious flats are lovingly designed and furnished to make you and your dogs feel at home. Each holiday flat has enough space for you and your four-legged friend to move around freely without feeling cramped.

But that’s not all! The surrounding area is a true dog adventure land. The many hiking trails are as exciting for your dog as a box full of squeaky toys. “Lovely!” he barks enthusiastically as he excitedly holds his nose in the air to sniff all the new smells. The location of Landhaus Sonnrain is a paradise for nature and animal lovers. The surrounding countryside is perfect for long walks, hikes and adventures with your dog. From Fendels, there are hiking trails that are perfect for exploring together. From gentle hills to more challenging routes – everyone will find the right route here.

After all the fun, your tired dog can stretch out in the comfortable holiday flat while you make yourself comfortable on the balcony, terrace or, in winter, in the cosy bed. “Life really is a giant bone!” he grins, before snoring himself into a deep slumber.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your dog-friendly holiday at Landhaus Sonnrain and let your fluffy friend think he’s in heaven on earth – or should I say heaven on paws? – Look forward to unforgettable moments with your faithful companion!